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SEMPliFi Recovery is a source of help, support and other resources for men and women who suffer or have suffered from alcohol and/or drug addictions.  Those who suffer from other spiritual or emotional maladies can benefit tremendously from SEMPliFi Recovery as well.  The traditional 12 step program and process is the foundation of SEMPliFi Recovery.  In addition to all of the incredible and life altering benefits of the 12 steps, SEMPLiFi Recovery wishes to enhance the recovery experience and help others connect, grow and find recovery in other aspects of their life……..  to assist those who seek growth Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Financially (SEMPliFi).

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SEMPliFI Sober Living

SEMPliFi Sober Living, LLC is a division of SEMPLiFi Recovery dedicated explicitly to an affordable and high-quality sober living experience or “3/4 home”. The location in Mesa Arizona is a facility for male residents who are sober and in good health between the ages of 18 and 65. Each home has a dedicated House Manager and residents must adhere to program requirements per the SEMPliFi Sober Living, LLC. program agreement.

Please call Kevin at 480.255.2875 for more information or email

Payments, deposits or donations can be made here via Pay Pal:

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Kevin Wilkins



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Make a Payment, Deposit or Donation

Whether you are a program participant, family member or simply wish to donate to SEMPliFi Sober Living, LLC. you can do so here via Pay Pal: