First blog post

My goal in life is to help as many people as I can.  This is the most deeply fulfilling activity in life and frankly, it keeps me sane.  I suppose it is right in line with the AA 12th step principle which essentially says we can keep it if we give it away.  Zig Ziglar says “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.”.  Surviving and overcoming the many obstacles in my life has armed me with a unique ability to connect with others from a place of empathy and experience.  I have dedicated thousands of hours listening, learning and trying to understand how others overcome their trials and thrive…….  how they succeed, create something from nothing, find happiness or become self-made and “happy”.  There are many flavors and “secret sauces” to success in life depending on who you listen to.  Each mentor has his/her own theory, niche or idea.  Most echo a consistent message and some go into areas I don’t necessarily subscribe to.  I have heard and agree, however, that if you develop a passion for something and feel drawn toward it, you must listen to that and take action lest you run the risk of living a fear based, “safe”, existence and never realize your potential.  My journey of trial and error has led me to this place (same as you).  I love this place.  I’m not rich or famous but I love it, struggles and all.  I heard Wayne Dyer say “There Is No Way to Happiness; Happiness Is the Way”.  So, I’ve embraced this (as best I can).  What I have is two awesome kids, a good job, a place to call home, a car to drive, food to eat, a few hobbies, some great friends and family, and my passion (the SEMPliFi Recovery Program).

Ground Zero for SEMPliFi Recovery is SEMPliFi Sober Living  (Our first Sober Living Home…  aka 3/4 home).  I say our because it is my brother and I who share a common vision and have joined forces (more on our story another time).  He bought a house and I run my program out of it.  We filled up quickly and take pride in starting, running and growing the greatest Sober Living Home program the world has ever known!  It’s been exciting, exhilarating and exhausting in its first 30 days but all in all I have loved every bit of it.

A Sober Living program participant typically comes in with certain requirements including; direction, structure, a job, fellowship, a safe environment, various therapies, continued 12 step program and opportunity.  My role, job and goal is to offer resources for all of their needs.  But….  we only have so many beds available in our Sober Living Homes.  What about the countless others out there who suffer and don’t manage to land a spot in a SEMPliFi Sober Living home?  Well, that is the purpose of this platform.

I will continue to share my experiences both recent and from the personal archives.  I hope to reach those who need help and gain comfort from hearing my experience, strength and hope.  In addition my goal is to grow resources that are accessible remotely so no matter where you are, you will realize you are not alone and that help is available to you.

I plan to create a non-profit entity for this program soon.  For now I’m just starting the journey of a 1000 miles with its first few steps and knocking out what I can.  I have already seen the large impact this program has had on its participants, even in the infancy stages and plan to continue with all the diligence, effort and passion I can muster.  I look forward to seeing what we can create together (yes we).  Please reach out with your ideas, stories and support of any kind.


Kevin Wilkins

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