Work… Out…

Exercise just seems to solve so many problems in life.  Anger, depression, anxiety, insomnia, low self-esteem, low energy, etc., etc.,…  it’s a miracle!  Get addicted to the process of regular exercise!  Include some weights, stretching, yoga and meditation in there…  get some good cardio regularly.  Detox, supplement, eat intelligently, stay hydrated…..  this is simple stuff!  How many companies and people are making money on the quick fix, weight loss pill or diet nowadays?  Here’s a pill to swallow and the diet I recommend.  It’s called the “get up off your ass and run diet/pill”!  Give it a try sometime…  it’s free!

It starts creeping up on us….  people my age start dropping like flies (I’m 43).  There is a ton of excuses out there; “I have a bad knee”, “bad back”, “work too much”, “I’m just big boned”, blah, blah.  Guess what…….  focusing on that stuff won’t help you (whispered).  Focus on what you can do.  Lower body is injured?   Work upper.  shoulder hurt?  run.  You get the picture.  Regimented physical exercise also keeps you/me mentally tough and reminds you that you are a bad ass.  And to survive, thrive and live a long fulfilling life, make no mistake about it, you must be a bad ass.  And for those of you who have already lived a long fulfilling life, yes, you are bad asses.

Life is hard.  We must stay strong all around.  Most successful and highly effective people I know or follow incorporate exercise as part of their life in some capacity.  At a minimum, at any given moment, when you feel like crap and don’t know what to do…..  go exercise.  Go sweat somehow and feel that stress drip away along with the influx of endorphins and feel good that gets injected into your being.  Suck it up and do it….  I promise there is a reward in it that becomes addicting and will draw you naturally after a while.  The benefits are great and so worth it.  Go!


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