“God’s House”

I heard one of my recent program participants refer to my sober living home as “God’s House”.  Coming from a very religious background I could easily see one of my active family members gasping at even the very notion that anything other than a building affiliated with the church could be assigned such a label…  sacrilege!!

Yet my experience tends to line up with the program participant’s paradigm.  I have felt God working through me as I give away what was given to me, as I speak, as I serve others and sponsor men.  Time and consistency have documented great results as the AA big book promises…  granting “daily reprieve contingent upon the maintenance of our spiritual condition”.

Running a sober living home, sponsoring men, attending meetings, speaking, etc. etc. comes with its headaches and issues, no doubt, but I love it.  I enjoy the service and feel immediate results in my life as I participate in the amazing 12 step program.

My intent is not to bash religion or the work done within the walls of organized religion.  Some are better than others.  Some are large, some are small.  Some are filled with corruption and others emanate good and righteous intent.  I only know my experience and must draw from it for comparison.

Dumb the comparison down and it’s just two different flavors of people trying to better themselves with different vehicles.  Each vehicle adhering to similar principles and actions that ultimately offer enlightenment and freedom at the end of the tunnel.  Hope for those who have lost hope.  Freedom for those bound in the chains of addictions or misery (in its many variations).

I can say this (based on my experience).  There is a stark contrast to the level of and access to unadulterated truth exposed in the walls of my home vs the church I knew.  In my home, the consequences of one’s ability to be completely honest with another human, themselves and God produce only good results.  In the church, one should be cautious about being too open and honest….  bad things could come of it.

Ultimately, we all want to be happy.  I believe progress is a very large contributor to happiness and in order to truly progress you must learn (and practice) raw, brutal honesty.  One must find an environment where you can regularly and safely expose yourself in a way that makes you vulnerable to opinions from other trustworthy humans.  This will help you grow and free you from the destructive forces growing inside of you…..  your “demons”.  You must get rid of them and this is how you do it!

I’m blessed to have this as part of my recovery program, through my home (sober living program), the meetings I attend, the men I sponsor, etc., etc.

I hope you find “God’s House” too.

There are plenty of resources out there for you if you suffer.  As Byron Katie would say “suffering is optional”.  Go to my website and look under the resources page or find my Youtube channel at  SEMPliFi Recovery and check out my playlist for what helps me.

You are not alone and God has many homes available for you.

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