Dropping like Flies here in the Trenches

This week…  a relapse and a death.

What’s the lesson?

There are a lot of lessons.

How does it make me feel?  Grateful.

I’m grateful that I adhere to principles which have granted me the best 12 years of my life.

These casualties along the way..  the many, many casualties only make me feel blessed and grateful.  They have a choice and so do I.  I am blessed by my willingness to help regardless.

I have accepted that there are no guarantees in life and that there is a perpetual warzone all around us.

I also know that life is exponentially better when I get my “relief from being human” through spiritual means rather than mind-altering substances.

Rest in peace James.  You emanated nice person and I saw you working.  A lot of people are hurt by the loss of your presence here and you will be missed.


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